We build custom websites - and that's not something everyone can truthfully say.


We don't offer pre-built templates and packages. We find out what you need and build the website you envision, using our experience, knowledge of standards and creativity. The process is pretty straightforward from there...


Contact us - Use our contact page to let us know what you need. We might get right back to you with a proposal and quote or we might have a few questions.


Hosting/Domain Name - If you already have a website, we might be able to skip right past this step. If not, you'll need to pay for the name of your website and online storage to "host" the files that it's made of. We are more than happy to recommend the lowest cost, most reliable host and we can even walk you through the process of paying. We DO NOT offer hosting or domain names directly. Most web design companies that do this are simply marking up hosting and reselling it to you.


Mockup - We'll work with you to get the look of the site just right. The sky is the limit so this is usually the real fun part!


Build - We put it all together and go live!


See? Easy! Check out our portfolio page for some recent examples of sites we've built and designed.


Some of the unique features we offer:

  • Integrated blog/news function
  • Event calendars
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Galleries and slideshows
  • Social media integration
  • Maintenance packages
  • OR we can set sites up so you can easily add new info at any time.