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We specialize in one-of-a-kind logos that don't cost an arm and a leg!


The process is easy:
If you'd like to see some samples of our work, check out our portfolio then carefully fill out the form below and hit submit. You'll see the first version within 2 business days.

We charge $100 and that covers an initial 3 (minimum) designs, 3 rounds of revisions and dowloadable files in .pdf, .eps, .tif, .png and .jpg formats, ready for any application.

Please select one value from each set below that best describes the logo you're looking for.

Below is a list of the various different types of logos.

Wordmark A wordmark consists of the company name in a stylized type and may include small asbstract or pictorial elements. Famous examples include:

Pictoral Mark A pictorial mark uses literal or representative imagery to symbolize the brand. Famous examples include:
Pictoral Mark

Letterform Mark Typically uses a very small amount of letters (1-2) to represent the organization. Famous examples include:
Letterform Mark

Abstract Mark Uses abstract shapes and symbols to convey an idea or attribute about the organization. Famous examples include:
Abstract Mark

Emblem An emblem features the name of the company typically enveloped by a pictorial element or shape. Famous examples include:

Character A Character logo consists of a mascot to represent the brand. Famous examples include:

Web 2.0 Although there no official description of "Web 2.0" logos, some common elements can include: vibrant colors, subtle 3D feel, bold type, color transitions, and shadows. Famous examples include:
Web 2.0

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